• CityCat 2020ev
    The Bucher CityCat 2020ev is the first all electric compact sweeper in the 2m³ range. The machine sets new standards in terms of noise reduction. Zero emission and efficiency without compromising the performance.
  • Zero Emission
    The CityCat 2020ev makes sustainable street cleaning a reality: ultra-quiet, emission-free, people- and environmentally-friendly road sweeping.
  • Operating noise under 92 dB(A)
    Due to the very low noise emissions, operations are possible around the clock, even at night . The CityCat 2020ev is around 10 dB(A) quieter than conventional sweepers.
  • Lower operating costs
    A special objective was to unify ecology and economy. Therefore, the CityCat 2020ev is significantly quieter, has zero emissions and is more coastefficient as sweepers with a diesel engine. Thanks to the drop out of fossil fuels, lower maintenance, service and repair costs, the operating costs are around 75 % lower than with conventional diesel vehicles.
  • Increase in efficiency

    The exceptionally robust and maintenance-free design provides a long service life and due to the liquid cooling and heating a minimized battery aging.
  • Familiar Service

    The CityCat 2020ev requires the same service- and wearing parts as the conventional CityCat 2020. The parts can be ordered as usual, through the Bucher Municipal eShop . Our service department will guarantee a fast service , downtime will be reduced to a minimum.

Tradition meets innovation

Externally, the CityCat 2020ev (electrical vehicle) has same dimensions – and the same excellent manoeuvrability – as the standard CityCat 2020. It also has the same impressive hopper capacity of 2m3 and, at 1450 kg, nearly the same payload as the base model with a diesel engine. The operation of the vehicle and brushes is also the same, so drivers can switch from diesel to electric models and feel right at home.

Technical evHighlights

The Bucher CityCat 2020ev is the first all electric compact sweeper in the 2m³ range. A lithium-ion battery delivers eight hours of standard operation. Many times quieter, emissions-free and far cheaper over time than a diesel-powered sweeper, the CityCat 2020ev is a major boon for ecological and economic sustainability. Overview:

Green Tec

With the use of a single CityCat 2020ev in instead of a conventional diesel street cleaner, you can reduce your CO2 emissions by 26 tonnes per year.

How much is a tonne of CO2? »

CO2 calculator – reductions in day-to-day operations

Calculate for yourself what you can contribute to sustainability with regard to people and the environment with the help of the CityCat 2020ev. The CO2 calculator shows how much CO2 emissions are reduced by using the CityCat 2020ev compared to a conventional street cleaner.


Green Tec Kids

GreenTec Awards 2016
Second place for CityCat 2020ev

Proud awardee in the category auto mobility.

In this international competition the best environmental projects 2016 were honoured.

Certificat GreenTec Awards 2016
Greentec Award 2016

eCartTec Award 2016
Bavarian State Award for Electric Mobility

Finalist in the category Electric Vehicle

The Bavarian State Award for electric mobility stands for the most innovative and promising institutions in the field of electro mobility. In the category Electric Vehicle, the CityCat 2020ev sweeper was nominated as a finalist.

Zertifikat eCartTec Award 2016

Zertifikat Greentec Award 2016

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